CMAC Seminar June 9th to 10th 2012, Grey Highlands

CMAC Seminar held on June 9th to 10th, hosted by Sensei J. Bassels and Sensei C. Dixon at Mr. Lagrasta’s farm in the Grey Highlands.

There were several hours of intense training in Classical Arnis stick fighting by Sensei Bassels, as well as Tai Chi and Bagwa instruction by Sensei Dixon.  This really shows the wide range of martial arts available through the organization, and was attended by about 30 students from the Yume Da Po dojo in Mississauga, the Beaches Dojo in Toronto, and the Umaka Dojo in Shelburne.

The weather was beautiful and the training was outdoors with a breathtaking view of rolling farmland.  A very nice break from the city for alot of people, and a wonderful way to unwind and get in some very intense training in the process!


About Nick Lagrasta

Chief instructor, Classical Martial Arts Centre, Umaka Dojo, Shelburne Ontario
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