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Goju Ryu Karate for Kids and Adults

Karate-do (empty hand way) is a generic word that encompasses many styles. Though various styles will be touched upon, the primary style here is Goju Ryu (hard soft style). This style of karate employs various forms called kata, blocks, grabs, holds, strikes, and takedowns that are taught at an age appropriate time or level of belt. Belts are called kyu; they start at 6th (white) and ascend towards 1st (brown). Children are not awarded black belt until they have reached age of majority, usually 18 years, and have passed a world-class Classical Martial Arts Canada grading.

Our children’s program for kids 5 and up

 IDSC03274s geared to not only teach your child awareness, self-control, confidence, and street proofing, but also a strong foundation in fundamentals that will apply throughout their life. Classically, martial arts was not taught for entertainment or winning a tournament. It is in this classical tradition that your child will be taught.

Benefits of martial arts

Self defenseUmaka (1 of 1)-16
Self control
Physical fitness
Increased energy
Street proofing /Self discipline
Self healing




Learn self defence technique’s that will build confidence and awareness. This women’s only course is designed to teach women how to defend them selves against attacks and how to utilise everyday items as defence weapons. Courses run in 5 week intervals          ($60 per person) starting in September 2015.WOMENS_SELF-DEFENSE_1






KOBUDO WEAPONS PROGRAM FOR Kids 9+ and Adults (Memberships $40 per month)sai

To attend this program, students must achieve a minimum grade of 5th Kyu (Yellow Belt) in program 1 (Karate-do) and a minimum age of 9 .  A basic understanding of stances, timing, breathing, etiquette and instruction is required to maintain a safe and conductive environment.DSC02760  Beginners will start primarily with the bo (long staff) and move on to other weapons such as the tonfa, the sai, and several others as training progresses.  ghost town (1 of 1)-29 Fundamentals will be focused on to establish a good foundation to progress confidently toward higher levels of instruction. The primary style here is Goju Kobudo.




tai-chiTai chi has also been called the Perfect Exercise. Its accessible to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. The injury rate is low while the health and fitness benefits are high. Helps build focus and relieves stress while creating a peaceful and tranquil mindset. BEGINNERS CLASSES AVAILABLE NOW.



Package includes: Invitations / Pizza / Loot Bags / Samurai Cake Cutting Ceremony

Birthday child FREE / Book your celebration todayb

Competition hinders the process of fine tuning. There is a difference between training to CMAC Umaka Dojo - Keikocompete and training to survive. One limits a student’s potential to what they focus on outside; the other reveals unlimited poten-tial inside. Winning or losing does not de-fine a champion in life. It is the ability to be humble in the light of success, and fear-less in the darkness of failure. When the winds of adversity blow, we rely not on what we have outside; instead, it is what we have put inside that comes out: it is the integrity of a person’s roots that hold them upright. It is with this ancient wisdom that we learn and teach martial arts.