News and Events

T-Shirts are in

These shirts may be worn in place of your uniform top for the summer months

$25 each

Summer Closures

The Dojo will be closed for the following weeks

July 16 – 20

Aug 6 – 10


Schedule Change Affective April 30th

Kids 5-8     –  Mon 5pm / Wed 6pm

Kids 9-12  –  Mon 6pm / Tues 6pm / Thurs 6pm (sparring class)

Youth/Adult  – Mon 7pm / Wed 7pm / Thurs 8pm (sparring class)

Kobudo  – Tues 7pm / Thurs 7pm

This schedule change will coincide with our transition of independence. As of May 1st we will be known as Shelburne Martial Arts Centre. New patches and attire will be available soon. Thank you for your patients during this transition




ALL STUDENTS, PARENTS, AND ASSOCIATES OF CLASSICAL MARTIAL ARTS CENTRE SHELBURNE – After careful consideration, we have decided that The Classical Martial Arts Centre Shelburne (Umaka Dojo) will no longer be affiliated with Classical Martial Arts Canada or its other affiliates.
We will instead be known as the SHELBURNE MARTIAL ARTS CENTRE (Umaka Dojo) and will operate independently of the other organization.
The transition will be implemented over the next few weeks and we plan on finalizing this by May 1st 2018.
Please note that only our name will be changing, and there will be no changes to our dynamic, evolving and exciting new program, schedule or instruction. There will be minor changes to our uniforms and dojo apparel as a result, and these will be explained to the parents and students over the course of the transition.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either myself of Mrs. Lagrasta for more details.
We have been serving the Town of Shelburne and surrounding area for 7 years, and hope to continue for many more!
In Spirit,
Sensei N. Lagrasta





The dojo has changed its phone number to; 647-378-0236






Come celebrate your next Birthday at the Umaka Dojo!!!!!!

Package Includes:

90 min venue usage, Pizza, Drinks, Linens, Plates, Napkins, Loot bags, Décor, Invitations, Games, Entertainment and Samurai cake cutting ceremony (cake not included)

Birthday package is $25 per guest (Birthday child is FREE)




Notice to Parents

We are happy to see that our students are recommending the dojo to family and friends, Although, this is a school and any guests that wish to visit the dojo or try a FREE class MUST be accompanied by an adult 18 or over.



Umaka Merchandise

T-Shirts  Hoodies  Golf Shirts  Hats  Bags

See reception for details



Uniform Trade-in Program

We are offering a uniform trade in program for all students who are growing out of thier uniform or if you would just like a second uniform at a discount price. We will buy back your (GENTLY USED) uniform for a $10 credit towards a NEW or USED uniform. See front desk for more details.